Tempesta Technologies Inc., headquartered in Seattle, WA, was founded in 2014 (originally as a branch of NatSys Laboratory Ltd. -a consulting company with international experience in high-performance networking and database areas, established in the industry since 2008) provides IT consulting and development services. With growth of the affiliate, NatSys Laboratory was fully rebranded to Tempesta Technologies to represent high performance, speed and expertise in technological advancement.

We're an established team of professionals passionate in technology advancement. We focus on solving sophisticated technical tasks and development of fast and secure software. Our team can help you to exceed the performance results of your competitors by building new software components and/or optimizing existing projects.

Tempesta Technologies explores and develops technologies for the fastest and the most secure solutions.


Our highlighted articles and presentations in science and technology areas include:

C and C++ jobs

We work remotely with a flexible schedule using Scrum and Kanban ideas and specialize in development of low level high-performance networking and data storage systems. Since 2008 and during these years many international high tech companies became our clients, e.g. MariaDB, Percona, SanDisk, Skype, CloudLinux.

Besides the custom software development projects, we develop our own open source product Tempesta FW. You'll be dealing with the number of advanced technologies: lock-free, NUMA-aware and cache conscious data structures, SIMD mathematics and strings processing, deep interoperation with the Linux TCP/IP stack and zero-copy network I/O, machine learning. As part of the project we developed the TLS handshakes implementation for the Linux kernel, which significantly outperforms Nginx/OpenSSL and Nginx/WolfSSL. You can watch our FOSDEM'21 talk with the Tempesta TLS demo.

Please send your CV and cover letter at .

C/C++ Linux developer

We're looking for talented and experienced C/C++ Linux developers, who can do a lot and want to learn even more. As a part of our team you'll be developing the fastest open source software, investigate and fix sophisticated performance issues on powerful Linux servers and talk on top technical conferences.

You'll develop performance and scalability extensions of MySQL/InnoDB (e.g. we made MariaDB System Versioning), the Linux kernel, Nginx and other popular open source projects. You'll also analyze the performance of heavily loaded large Linux systems and make them even faster.

You'll be able to talk at major international conferences about the Linux kernel and databases at will.

Required skills:

  • Fluent C and good C++ or willingness to learn C++
  • Deep understanding of the Linux kernel and/or libc internals
  • Good knowledge of classic algorithms and efficient data structures
  • Experience with multithreading (POSIX threads, C++ STL)

Good to have:

  • Experience in the Linux kernel development (kernel/, mm/, net/, security/)
  • Some knowledge in the TLS protocol and applied cryptography
  • Some experience with Python to develop functional testing scripts
  • Experience in networking and/or database areas
  • Understanding how modern hardware (x86-64 CPUs, network adapters and disks) work

Sales development representative

We're looking for a business person, who still loves technologies.

Our company works in the very narrow niche of custom software development, high performance networking and data storage areas in particular. Besides custom software development we work on getting early clients for our product Tempesta FW.

We have high-quality talks and papers as well as open source projects employing advanced technologies, so it will be easy for you to proof that our team has the highest qualification. However, all the materials require high technical skills from a reader or listener, so your main contacts will be C- and VP-level technical people.

During leads generation and qualification you'll need deep technical understanding of the technological core of the business of the prospects and ensure that our solutions really can be beneficial for each of the prospects. We do not do mass mailing. We do not use hooks like "Quick call this week?".


  • Research social networks, conferences, blogs and other resources for leads generation
  • Investigate new market opportunities for our offerings
  • Research companies and their C- and VP-level employees to establish common ground and uncover potential pain points, which can be solved by our product and services.
  • Reaching out to target prospects using multiple methods of outbound in order to convert them to leads
  • Collaborate with our technical people to develop the most interesting offers for our clients


  • 3+ years of experience in software development, preferably in networking and/or database areas, or B2B sales, preferably in US and Europe, in the areas. You need to understand what CDN is, the basics of web hosting intrastructure, know the market of open source web accelerators and databases, be able to talk about the differences between volumetric and L7 DDoS attacks, have basic understanding of OWASP Top 10.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to quickly understand the use cases and the core technology of a prospect's product
  • Put in 100% no matter what the circumstances are and do whatever it takes to hit your numbers

Good to have:

  • Experience with soft-launching a software product will be a big plus.

Tempesta Technologies contacts

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