We provide custom software development from small proof-of-concept prototypes to entire products from scratch. The main focus of our expertise is high performance solutions in networking and database areas.

To provide the best quality and maintainability of our code we use a mandatory code review, strict coding style, continuous integration and delivery systems. Also we provide access to our version control system at all phases of development process, so our work is always transparent.

You can evaluate the quality of our code and complexity of the problems, which we can solve, by our open source projects.

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We've been developing high performance network traffic processing solutions since 2008. The networking solutions are implemented in Linux kernel, using kernel bypass techniques (e.g. DPDK and Netmap) as well as traditional sockets in user space. The project areas are network security, such as VPN or WAF, DPI, Web servers and load balancers, clustered DNS services, cluster management software, database synchronous replication, and many others.

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We're contributors to MariaDB. Also we develop ad-hoc distributed databases for network traffic aggregation and analyzing. The typical cases for the databases are real-time network data mining, caching Web content or distributed trained models produced by a machine learning logic. TempestaDB is an open sourced example of the solutions.

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We can help you install and configure Tempesta FW as well as tune your operating system to ensure maximum performance. Our experts have years of experience in high-performance network traffic processing and databases, including both the development and management sides. We’d be happy to help you build a high-performance, scalable, and highly available system. Please email us at .